Blue River Pet Rescue

Located in Seward Nebraska

Pet adoption is a permanent solution 
to a temporary 

Blue River Pet Rescue exists to achieve the overall goal of being able to provide Seward and surrounding counties with care and shelter for pet animals that no longer have homes.

We believe that all animals have basic needs that should be met. Two important needs are food and shelter from the elements. A third need we believe to be important for these pet animals is companionship.

Our goal is to be able to operate a shelter facility in order to provide for those needs. The support of community members such as your self will be critical in our ability to realize that goal.

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Blue River Pet Rescue

2020 Adoptions to Date - 2

2019 Adoptions - 26

2018 Adoptions - 26

2017 Adoptions - 10

2016 Adoptions - 18 

Shelter Data - Animal Counts
3  total, 2020 animal intake
total, 2020 live outcomes
total, 2020 canine intake
total, 2020 canine live outcomes
0 total, 2020 feline intake
2 total, 2020 feline live outcomes 

Shelter Animals Count | The National Database Project