Blue River Pet Rescue

Located in Seward Nebraska

Surrendering Your Pet

We recognize that surrendering your beloved pet can be a very difficult thing to do.  A pet caretakers we all know the bond that has been created.  Knowing this, it is sometimes in the best interest of your furry friend that their well-being is turned over to another caretaker with an equal or possibly greater passion for animals.  

Regardless of the reason, whether it be lack of time, energy, financial resources, play space, we will not judge you.  Rather we will commend you for making the most humbling of gestures and putting your pet's best interest ahead of your own.

We will work with you as we place your pet in the appropriate foster home and provide those caretakers with as much information as possible.  We ask you be thorough and honest.  This helps to ensure the best foster and ultimately adoption situation for everyone. 


Karen Winney, Coordinator