Blue River Pet Rescue

Located in Seward Nebraska

October 6,201,6

Karen Winney


Blue River Pet Rescue

1040 South Street

Seward, NE 58434

Dear Karen Winney,

The Duffield Family Foundation, dba Maddie's Fund@, is pleased to award Blue River Pet Rescue a grant

in the amount of 51,000 to support your operations. This grant is being awarded because Blue River

Pet Rescue registered to participate in ShelterAnimals Count between March 25,2076 and April 30,

20L6, and completed all the necessary requirements for funding. This grant opportunity was approved

by the Maddie's Fund Board of Directors on March 8,2016.

We will be sending you a follow-up survey via email in 3 to 6 months to learn how you used the funds

and about your experience with Shelter Animals Count. This will need to be completed within 45 days

of receipt of the survey.

ln appreciation of this grant, please use the hashtag #ThanksToMaddie in any posts on social media

about this grant or activities funded by this grant.

From all of us at Maddie's Fund, we wish Blue River Pet Rescue the best of success in your humane



Mary lppoliti-Smith

Executive Leadership Team