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Nala is a 5-year-old Mastiff mix (maybe Lab? American Bull Dog?). She is spayed and up to date on her vaccinations. Despite currently living with other dogs, Nala has not been impressed with the dogs she has been introduced to recently; she has let us know she would prefer to be an only dog. Nala also cannot be with cats. Nala is super sweet, but she may take a little time to warm up to you. She is good with older kids (due to her size) and adults.

These kittens will be available soon! The kittens have been bottle fed so are used to being handled and bathed

Soot - 7 weeks
Sassy but sweet. Likes to snuggle. Loves to explore. Nickname is crazy eyes.

Muffin - 7 weeks
Likes to give loves and enjoys snuggles. Loves to play and explore. Nickname is snuggle muffin.

Biscuit - 7 weeks
Loves to eat. Very vocal. Likes to                                                                                                                  play and explore. Not super good at                                                                                                              snuggling. More of an independent                                                                                                               kitty.


There are many reasons people choose to adopt pets. Whether seeking companionship, love, or a playmate for your child, a pet will offer company, unconditional acceptance and love, a listening ear and years of joy to you and your family. In return, they ask merely for food, shelter and a family to love.

By adopting a pet from our shelter, you will be gaining friendship and love. You will be helping solve the pet population problem and providing a service to your community. You offer your children the opportunity to learn the importance of responsibility; and you offer a pet in need a new chance at life, and a new family to love.

If you are considering a pet adoption, or believe you may be a fit for our foster program, please contact our rescue. We will work with you to help find a pet that fits well with your family, your home and with the pace of your lifestyle.

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